Pearl River Ambulance

The Pearl River Alumni Ambulance Corp is a registered 503c volunteer ambulance corps that provides emergency pre-hospital transport and care to the sick and injured, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, regardless of the patient's ability to pay or financial/ insurance status.

The cost of providing quality reliable emergency medical services to those who need it can be expensive. Most of the equipment we use is disposable due to infection control policies, and the equipment that is not disposable is very expensive. All certified ambulances must carry specific equipment on every response whether it is needed or not, add to that the cost of fuel, maintenance, oxygen, training, and building & grounds costs to house the ambulance. To keep it simple last year it cost $419 just to start the ambulance for each call.

Every patient transported by the Pearl River Ambulance receives a Notice of Privacy Practices and Patient Rights form and is required by law to sign a form that they have received it. This form includes an Assignment of Benefits: that authorizes the payment of insurance benefits to the Pearl River Ambulance for any services rendered. Pearl River Ambulance requests each patient to provide the name of their insurance provider and retains a professional service to handle the reimbursement process. All ambulance corps in Rockland County have the same policy. 

The Pearl River Ambulance Corp. is a completely independent organization
We receive no funding from Federal, State, County or Town Government. We are not on any tax rolls.

If you have questions regarding this issue please call the telephone number listed on the Patient’s Rights Notice. DO NOT call the ambulance corps directly as we will not be able to help you with billing inquiries.

A copy of The Signature form & Privacy Notice is Provided for your information.